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DVD Terms & Bonus Offers

Lease a year of DVDs by subject or grade


  1. DVDs are leased by the school and will be returned at the end of the school year via prepaid return labels.
  2. Schools may lease either the full kit of classes or select subjects (Grades 6–12 only).
  3. DVDs may be used by the leasing school only.
  4. All materials are copyrighted by Bob Jones University and may not be copied
  5. The school will need to purchase textbooks separately. (Kits include teacher’s editions. Additional teacher materials purchased separately.)


Lease all of the lower grades (k5–8) for nine months and choose one of the following bonus options:

  1. High school level DVDs (Grades 9–12) free
  2. 10% off your purchase (DVD lease and the textbooks on the same order)
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