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Christian Classroom DVD

Starting a Christian school is no small undertaking, and maintaining one can be complicated.

That’s why BJU Press Distance Learning developed a DVD program that saves small Christian schools time, financial resources, and space.


Our DVD classes are taught by experienced, qualified instructors, reducing the number of full-time teachers that you need on your staff. On-site teachers can monitor more than one grade-level at a time and implement student-to-student tutoring to ensure that each student receives the attention he needs.


Select the subjects you want and arrange them into a class schedule that fits the needs of your students and staff. With DVD classes, lesson preparation time is significantly reduced, allowing your teachers time for other necessary tasks.


Some grade levels may require a separate class space; but with most DVD classrooms, you can use simple dividers to eliminate distractions when separate rooms are not available. See the sample layouts page for suggested classroom arrangements.

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