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Textbooks & Supplies / 8th Grade


Math 8 Christian textbooks

Pre-Algebra Christian School Educational Materials

Pre-Algebra eases the transition from arithmetic to algebra. Algebraic expressions and linear equations are applied throughout a thorough review of operations on integers, fractions, decimals, percents, and radicals. Students explore relations and functions using equations, tables, and graphs. Chapters on statistics and geometry extend foundational concepts in preparation for high school courses. Problem-solving and real-life uses of math are featured in each chapter. Dominion through Math exercises regularly illustrate how mathematics can be used to manage God's creation to His glory.

Secondary Math Resources

    Calculator, Scientific (TI-30Xa) $27.50

Pre-Algebra Teacher Materials (2nd ed.)

    Pre-Algebra Teacher's Edition with CD (2nd ed., 2 vols.) $80.00
    Pre-Algebra Activities Manual Teacher's Edition with CD (2nd ed.) $37.22
    Pre-Algebra Tests Answer Key (2nd ed.) $11.39

Pre-Algebra Student Materials (2nd ed.)

    Pre-Algebra Student Text (2nd ed.) $53.89 Not currently available
    Please consider 508770 as an alternative. (Newer version.)
    Pre-Algebra eTextbook & Printed ST (2nd ed.) $70.00
    Pre-Algebra eTextbook ST (2nd ed.) $26.94
    Pre-Algebra Student Activities Manual (2nd ed.) $19.17
    Pre-Algebra Tests (2nd ed.) $15.83
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Pre-Algebra Student Materials (1st ed.)

    Calculator, Scientific (TI-30Xa) $27.50
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