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Textbooks & Supplies / 3rd Grade

Math 3

Math 3

Math 3 Christian School Educational Materials

Math 3 provides practice and review of basic math and introduces the fundamental principles of fractions and geometry. The math educational materials seeks to develop problem solving skills through word problems. A Chapter Review and a Cumulative Review are included in each chapter to reinforce the covered math concepts.

Elementary Math Resources

    Calculator, Student (TI-108) $10.00
    Backyard Math with Zac [DVD] $19.95
    Unifix Cubes (with instructions and 100 pcs.) $14.00
    Unifix Cubes (1,000 piece set) $112.95

Math 3 Teacher Materials (3rd ed.)

    Math 3 Teacher's Edition with CD (3rd ed.) $73.33
    Math 3 Reviews Answer Key (3rd ed.) $16.67
    Math 3 Teacher's Visual Packet (3rd ed.) $69.72
    Math 3 Tests Answer Key (3rd ed.) $10.28

Math 3 Student Materials (3rd ed.)

    Math 3 Student Worktext (3rd ed.; copyright update) $27.78
    Math 3 Student Manipulatives Packet (3rd ed.) $17.78
    Math 3 Tests (3rd ed.) $14.72
    Math 3 Reviews (3rd ed.) $11.11
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