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Textbooks & Supplies / 12th Grade



Precalculus Christian School Educational Materials

Precalculus equips students for college with precalculus skills. This advanced math educational materials emphasizes functions, graphing, and trigonometry throughout and introduces differential calculus.

Secondary Math Resources

    Calculator, Scientific (TI-30Xa) $27.50

Precalculus Teacher Materials

    Precalculus Teacher's Edition (2 vols.) $80.00
    Precalculus Tests Answer Key $11.39
    Precalculus PowerPoint Presentations CD $43.33

Precalculus Student Materials

    Precalculus Student Text $53.89
    Precalculus eTextbook & Printed ST (1st ed.) $70.00
    Precalculus eTextbook ST (1st ed.) $26.94
    Precalculus Tests $15.83
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