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Textbooks & Supplies / 1st Grade

Music 1

Music 1

Music 1 Christian School Curriculum

Music 1 broadens students’ acquaintance with the pleasant and powerful world of music. The colorfully illustrated first-grade level music curriculum teaches the fundamentals of singing, simple rhythmic reading, and simple composition.

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Music 1 Teacher Materials

    Music 1 Teacher's Edition $56.67 Not currently available
    Music Chart Sets $50.28 Not currently available
    Jump Down, Turn Around and Other Singing Games for Children $10.00
    Seraphina's Bells [DVD] $14.95
    Music 1 CD Set $78.89 Not currently available

Music 1 Student Materials

    Music 1 Student Worktext $19.72 Not currently available
    Music 1 Student Text (softbound) $18.89 Not currently available
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