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Bible Modulars

Bible Modulars

Bible Modulars shape your students’ worldview to integrate biblical truth into all areas of life. Each short, issue-oriented course can stand alone as a six-to-eight week course or be adapted to supplement a full Bible educational materials.

Publish Great Things (Grade 9)

That I May Know Him (Grade 9)

Why the Bible Matters (Grade 9)

Martyrdom: The Final Triumph of Faith (Grade 10)

Personal Evangelism and Discipleship (Grade 10)

Walking by the Spirit (Grade 10)

Beyond the Sun (Grade 11)

Way of the Word (Grade 11)

What Is Truth (Grade 11)

God and His Ways (Grade 12)

God and His Ways Student Text
Not currently available Please consider 296780 as an alternative. (Newer version.)

How Firm a Foundation (Grade 12)

In God's Presence (Grade 12)

In God's Presence Student Text
Not currently available Please consider 512194 as an alternative. (Newer version.)

Who Is This Jesus?

A Workman Not Ashamed

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