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Bible Modulars

Bible Modulars

Bible Modulars shape your students’ worldview to integrate biblical truth into all areas of life. Each short, issue-oriented course can stand alone as a six-to-eight week course or be adapted to supplement a full Bible curriculum.

BJU Press provides Christian curriculum to both Christian schools and homeschools. To see homeschool curriculum, please visit

Publish Great Things (Grade 9)

    Publish Great Things Teacher's Edition $19.17
    Publish Great Things Student Text $11.39

That I May Know Him (Grade 9)

    That I May Know Him Teacher's Edition $19.17
    That I May Know Him Student Text $11.39

Why the Bible Matters (Grade 9)

    Why the Bible Matters Teacher's Edition $19.17
    Why the Bible Matters Student Text (copyright update) $11.39

Martyrdom: The Final Triumph of Faith (Grade 10)

    Martyrdom: The Final Triumph of Faith Teacher's Edition $19.17
    Martyrdom: The Final Triumph of Faith Student Text $11.39

Personal Evangelism and Discipleship (Grade 10)

    Personal Evangelism Student Text (copyright update; includes Basics for Believers) $11.39
    Personal Evangelism Teacher's Edition $19.17
    Personal Evangelism Student Text (includes Basics for Believers) $11.39 Not currently available
    Please consider 296764 as an alternative. (Newer version.)

Walking by the Spirit (Grade 10)

    Walking by the Spirit Teacher's Edition $19.17
    Walking by the Spirit Student Text $11.39

Beyond the Sun (Grade 11)

    Beyond the Sun Teacher's Edition $19.17
    Beyond the Sun Student Text $11.39

Way of the Word (Grade 11)

    The Way of the Word Teacher's Edition $19.17
    The Way of the Word Student Text $11.39

What Is Truth (Grade 11)

    What is Truth? Teacher's Edition $19.17
    What is Truth? Student Text $11.39

God and His Ways (Grade 12)

    God and His Ways Teacher's Edition $19.17
    God and His Ways Student Text $11.39

How Firm a Foundation (Grade 12)

    How Firm a Foundation! Teacher's Edition $19.17
    How Firm a Foundation! Student Text $11.39

In God's Presence (Grade 12)

    In God's Presence Teacher's Edition $19.17
    In God's Presence Student Text $11.39

Who Is This Jesus?

    Who Is This Jesus? Teacher's Edition $19.17
    Who Is This Jesus? Student Text $11.39

A Workman Not Ashamed

    A Workman Not Ashamed Teacher's Edition with CDs $34.72
    A Workman Not Ashamed Student Text $11.39
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