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ITED®/Interest Explorer™: Achievement Tests with Interest Explorer (Gr 9-12)

A 10% discount is available for tests ordered and shipped
between September 1–November 30 and returned no later than December 31.

Features of ITED®:
  • Nationally standardized and recognized to meet most transfer or state requirements
  • Year-round availability
  • Confidential computer-scored results that include a variety of norm
    and skill mastery-referenced scores, along with interpretation helps
  • Available in combination with the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT®)
    and/or Interest Explorer (high school only)
  • Complete battery with the option to administer any or all subtests;
    approximately 5 1/2 hours total testing time with the Interest Explorer survey
  • Rebates available for groups of 25 or more completed tests on a single order
  • Achievement testing for visually-impaired students is available at an additional cost.
    Contact us for details.
Areas tested on The Iowa Tests®:
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Analysis of social studies/science materials
  • Sources of information
  • Language: revising written materials
  • Interest Explorer survey
Features of Interest Explorer:
  • Taken in conjunction with the ITED
  • Survey of 180 activities to pinpoint student's interests
  • Intended to steer student to a likely field of future study or employment
  • Separate Counseling Report allows correlation with achievement test scores
  • 14 career areas ranked from highest to lowest interest level
  • Predicted ACT and SAT scores reported for gr. 9–11

Customers in Missouri (Grades 9–12), Virgin Islands, and the Dallas Independent School District will only be able to receive the older version of The Iowa Tests because of the publisher's agreement with your state. (Private schools in the state of Iowa are also under this restriction.) For these tests, computer scoring is not available, so the price of hand scoring will automatically be included. (Your price is $60 for achievement tests; Interest Explorer is not available.) You can also opt to use the Stanford tests.
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