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JourneyForth produces excellent, trustworthy novels, Christian biographies, informational books, and ancillary materials for readers preschool through high school; it also produces adult titles on Christian living, Bible studies, and resources for pastors and educators.

JourneyForth’s History

BJU Press opened a line of children’s books in 1986 to help teachers, parents and students find trustworthy reading material and to enhance the BJU Press reading program. The imprint was first called Books for Young Readers, then Journey Books, and then finally trademarked as JourneyForth Books.

The first book published in this new line was Jenny Wren, a fiction novel on the fourth grade level. Focusing at first on fiction, the line was later expanded to include other genres such as Bible studies. In 2006, Journeyforth Books again increased its trademarked categories to include books on Christian topics for adults.

Many JourneyForth titles are also available in eBook format through and View a complete listing of Kindle and Kobo titles.

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JourneyForth Resources

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Recent JourneyForth Youth Releases

cover image for The Window in the Wall The Window in the Wall
by Ginny Merritt
cover image for Prairie Anna Prairie Anna
by Peggy House
cover image for Scarhaven Keep Scarhaven Keep
by J.S. Fletcher
cover image for Avery's Crossroad Avery’s Crossroad
by Deanna K. Klingel
cover image for Avery's Battlefield Avery’s Battlefield
by Deanna K. Klingel
cover image for Gratefully Yours Gratefully Yours
by Rand Hummel

Recent JourneyForth Adult Releases

thumbnail cover image for The Divine Son of God by Dr. Stewart Custer The Divine Son of God
by Stewart Custer
image of book cover for Handling Earthly Treasure by Alan Patterson Handling Earthly Treasure
by Alan Patterson
image of book cover for Brighter Witness by Dwight Gustafson A Brighter Witness
by Dwight Gustafson
The Exchange by Jeff Musgrave The Exchange 
by Jeff Musgrave
thumbnail cover image of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther commentary by Peter Steveson Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther 
by Peter A. Steveson
Living the Exchange by Jeff Musgrave Living the Exchange 
by Jeff Musgrave


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