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We Believe that Learning Should be Fun.

We at BJU Press recognize that the attitudes and expectations of the student can affect how much he will learn. Students learn best when they are interested in what is being taught and can see how that material relates to them. They love learning. And they continue to love learning lifelong. That is why we have created our textbooks and our Distance Learning courses to be visually interesting and interactive.

The Visual Experience of BJU Press

Pictures help most people—and visual learners most of all—comprehend and retain information more than text alone. That’s why we’ve packed our textbooks with photos, illustrations, and colorful charts. We’ve also designed our Distance Learning courses to be visually interesting. Unlike other Distance Learning programs that simply use a camera in the back of a classroom, our courses are designed specifically for the visual medium. Within a beautifully designed set, the instructor teaches directly to your student and uses a variety of creative means to capture attention. 

The Interactive Learning Experience of BJU Press

Our textbooks are filled with questions designed to generate discussions and genuine inquisitiveness. And our Teacher’s Editions help facilitate the talks and encourage that inquisitiveness with background information, relevant illustrations and ample resources for explaining each topic in multiple ways. We’ve designed BJU Press textbooks to help you engage your student with interactive learning—to get him interacting with the subject material in meaningful ways. Because when interactive learning goes on, students will understand the subject now, and they’ll love learning lifelong

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